It's not too late for a Christmas campaign

Posted on 25 Nov 2021

By Matthew Schulz, Our Community

Despite all the warnings about postal delays and supply issues across Australia, many organisations are running behind with their end-of-year fundraising plans. But as GiveNow executive director Cathy Truong explains, it isn’t too late to create a money-spinner, especially if your group is only small.

Why would anyone want to start a campaign now?

Through a tough year of lockdowns, we’ve missed our friends and family, and we’ve missed the community connections we experience through sporting clubs, book groups, drama groups and local environment groups. People have realised how much they value them, which is why it’s a good time to turn that renewed understanding of value into the gift of a donation. "Buying a goat" for a family overseas is nice, but local people care about local groups too! What's more, people love last-minute gift ideas, and their donation "gift" won't get delayed in the post. Expect donations to spike in the last week of your campaign.

Truong Cathy
GiveNow’s Cathy Truong says smaller groups can benefit from covid-normal trends.

What’s the easiest way to get started?

Become a GiveNow user, and with a few keystrokes you can create an online Christmas 2021 campaign. Then send an email link to everyone in your database asking for support – either as a direct donation or as a donation made as a Christmas gift.

What kind of target is reasonable?

For a small community group, there is no reason to think you couldn’t achieve $2,000 to $5,000 with a relatively small amount of effort. Consider this: the average donation during December is $110, so a total of $2000 to $5000 equates to 20 to 50 supporters. If you can turn up the volume with case studies, great images, phone calls and a spontaneous event, you can aim higher.

Can you give some good examples?

A stack of organisations have already registered end-of-year and Christmas campaigns with GiveNow, including Story Dogs, Amber NT, Perron Institute, Micah Projects, Braille House and Edmund Rice Camps. Each is offering supporters a chance to give a gift to help a local cause: bereavement support, dogs that work with needy kids, Christmas hampers, medical research and much more.

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