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EasyGrants is the newsletter of the Funding Centre (and Australia's best tool for finding out about grants and fundraising) designed and priced for not-for-profits, schools, business and government.

Information in EasyGrants is based on the most comprehensive and current database of grants available in Australia.

The database is continuously updated by a highly experienced team of grants professionals - the same Our Community team that administers the SmartyGrants program, that delivers grants training, that produces the Our Community, Institute of Community Directors and GiveNow websites. EasyGrants is unique in the Australian fundraising and grants landscape and provides:

  • Monthly email PDF newsletters (excluding January when the Australian grants landscape largely goes into hibernation)
  • A customised grants listing, including all new and recurring federal, state and local government, philanthropic and corporate grants
  • The latest grants and fundraising news from around Australia and the world
  • Ideas, tools and intelligence from the experts

Through our scaled pricing structure, we've worked to ensure that EasyGrants is affordable to anyone who needs it - from the smallest community group to the biggest business.

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