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Start out with our suite of tools and resources to learn about the strength of the seven pillars of fundraising, and get guidance on how to improve your fundraising. Continue scrolling for more about how a Funding Centre subscription can help you manage grant applications.

Access Australia's smartest grants database

Review thousands of live federal, state and local government grants as well as trust, foundation and corporate grants, updated daily using the grants database. Search by keyword, region, category and eligibility.

If you're too busy to search the database, we'll save you time and mental energy by sending tailored email alerts about the grants that meet your needs.

Each month, you’ll receive a customised email newsletter, listing every grant you’re eligible to apply for in an easy to read digest format.

Curate grants on a personalised dashboard

Curate, store and manage all the grants you're interested in, in one place using our dashboard tool.

Add your favourite Funding Centre grants to your dashboard and see them at a glance, and add grants not listed on the Funding Centre that you would like to keep track of.

Sort grants by name, nickname, program provider, round status, closing date, amount applied for or upcoming tasks so you can find them easily.

Manage grants processes, tasks and timelines

You can set yourself tasks, keep track of key milestones and gain insights into your grants processes to continually improve your grantseeking activity.

  • Apply a project title so you can sort by project or program
  • Apply a status (i.e. watching, draft, applied, approved, declined)
  • Record amounts requested and granted
  • Upload and store important documents to each grant record, including PDFs of any documents submitted through a linked SmartyGrants account
  • Attach tasks to grants and choose which ones you’d like displayed on your dashboard
  • View a timeline created for each grants record, with opening, closing and critical dates

View activity on a personalised calendar

Get visual cues about grant deadlines and key dates related to your grant activities, such as upcoming and overdue tasks.

  • Filter by round status, or by upcoming, overdue or completed tasks
  • Edit from the calendar page by selecting a round or task
  • Export grants data to external calendars through iCal to ensure you never miss those important deadlines

Gain insights on which areas need the most attention using our Insights tool

Use the interactive graphs to focus on overdue, completed or upcoming tasks, and see an overview of grants you've added to your dashboard.

If you're new to the Funding Centre dashboard and haven't added any grants yet, the insights page will include suggested grants based on your selected preferences, which can be updated any time.

Connect to SmartyGrants, Australia's most-used and best-loved grants administration system

SmartyGrants users can connect to their SmartyGrants account to bring grant records across.

PDFs of any documents submitted through a linked SmartyGrants account will be automatically added to your Funding Centre Dashboard and you can upload additional documents and attach them to your grant record.

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