New search features to boost your grants search

Posted on 08 Feb 2022

We've just added an exciting new feature to the Funding Centre website that will help you narrow down your search results even more.

You may have heard of a tool built by the Our Community Innovation Lab (a team of data scientists and subject matter experts) that classifies social sector initiatives and entities – it's called CLASSIE.

We've introduced more of the CLASSIE taxonomy into the Funding Centre grants search to help you more easily find the grants you're looking for.

The 12 new categories are:

  • Advocacy
  • Capacity building
  • Capital costs
  • Core costs
  • Equipment/vehicle costs
  • Fundraising costs
  • Legal costs
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Network building and collaboration
  • Project/program costs
  • Research and development
  • Travel
Activity categories
Select from the dropdown list to search by 12 new activity categories.

Use these activity categories in addition to (not instead of) the current subject categories to get the best results when you search for grants.

If you're unsure about the definitions of some of the above categories (or you just want to learn more about CLASSIE), visit the CLASSIE information page and download the 'Activities classification' Excel spreadsheet.

Ready to get started? Log in to the Funding Centre and start searching for grants using the new activity filters here.

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