WEBINAR OVERVIEW: The what and why of data science for fundraising

Posted on 22 Jul 2021

By Stef Ball, Funding Centre


Data scientist Nathan Mifsud has delivered a lightning-quick presentation on what modern data teams look like in a free webinar geared towards not-for-profit fundraising organisations.

The webinar from Our Community's Innovation Lab aimed to help fundraisers start thinking about the possibilities of data science and analytics, evaluate their organisation and consider next steps, all in less than 30 minutes.

In the webinar, Dr Mifsud explained how predictive analytics can help answer questions such as:

  • Who should you target, and when?
  • What message will interest fundraising targets?
  • How much should you ask for?

Alongside an examination of those questions, he said there were two keys to unlocking more effective fundraising.

The first is understanding your current supporters by identifying patterns and triggers, which can help you to craft more targeted and effective campaigns and avoid appeals to those who are unlikely to respond.

The second is attracting new supporters by proving your impact with engaging reports that tell compelling stories. While creating those reports may be more difficult in the short-term, Dr Mifsud said it should pay off in the long-term and help you to win more grants.

The latest webinar builds on The What and Why of Data Science for Not-for-profits, the first of several tutorials offered by the Innovation Lab. The tutorials are part of the Innovation Lab’s mission to help build the data capability of the Australian social sector.

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