Winning Grants Funding in Australia

Winning Grants Funding in Australia

ISBN: 1876976241

Total pages: 120


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This practical, step-by-step guide will take you through the grant seeking process assisting you to prepare and research a winning funding application.

What's inside?

  • Introduction
  • Why bother applying for Grants?
  • Introduction to Grantseeking
    • Government Grants
    • Philanthropic Grants
    • Deductible Gift Recipient Status
    • How many proposals do I need to write?
    • Your Grantseeking Timesaver checklist
  • What the grantseeker wants
    • Sustainable funding
    • Core Funding
    • Twelve rules for grantseekers
  • What the Grantmaker wants
    • It's not about you, it's about them
  • Finding a suitable grant for your group
    • Cast your net wide
    • Beat the bushes
    • The Easy Grants Newsletter and search database
    • Other information
  • How to choose a suitable grant
    • Finding out about the grantmaker
    • Checking the impact of success on your finances
    • Pre-prep
    • What Resources will it take?
    • Getting everyone on the same page
    • Finding friends to support your application
    • Survey the field
    • Developing Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Writing a proposal - Style & Treatment
    • Making it user-friendly
  • Writing a proposal - The Contents
    • Cover letter
    • Executive Summary
    • The Proposal
    • The Budget
    • Evaluating Results
  • The Final Checklist
  • Twenty-One Ways Not to Get a Grant
  • Aftercare
    • Managing the Relationship
    • Reporting to the Grantmaker
    • Meeting your deadlines
  • Learning and trying again
    • Action List
  • Appendix 1 - How to use Easy Grants

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