Simple Secrets of Successful Community Groups

Simple Secrets of Successful Community Groups

ISBN: 1876976055

Total pages: 63


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Looking for the simple secrets to make your community organisation or school community more effective and efficient? This book contains well over 400 separate tips and handy hints to assist community groups in the 21st century. The common-sense tips are contained in 50 practical columns written by Dr Rhonda Galbally AO, and cover topics such as expanding funding and revenue streams, value-adding to maximise your special events, attracting, motivating and keeping volunteers, dealing with the media and marketing your organisation and establishing an effective corporate memory. It is an excellent resource for groups of all sizes.

What's inside?

  • Making your media release work for you.
  • The Power of the words Thank You.
  • Drafting new talent onto your Board.
  • You've got email. You've got power.
  • How a Budget drives your dollar further.
  • Have your say - join a Board.
  • Brainstorming your way to success.
  • Email - The click way to spread the word.
  • Making every year the year of the Volunteer.
  • You need help? Try telling people about it.
  • Passing the baton (and the knowledge) on.
  • Staying cool in a crisis.
  • Advocating for change.
  • Finding the recipe for a successful fete.
  • Searching for the sponsorship dollars.
  • Finding the Motivating factors in your group.
  • Technically speaking, how's your group placed?
  • Practice makes a grant application perfect.
  • Putting the strategy into your fundraising.
  • Notching up a good marketing report.
  • Organising Volunteers for special duty.
  • Playing the Peacemaker when conflict arises.
  • Ensuring the (volunteer) force stays with you!
  • To market, to market for your group.
  • Putting on An annual affair.
  • What a capital idea to raise money!
  • Special Events - When timing can be everything.
  • Selling a winning message.
  • Having your funding wish granted.
  • SWOT a good idea for groups.
  • Putting your hand up for volunteers.
  • Meeting requirements.
  • Building a group from scratch.
  • Performing the financial balancing act.
  • Spreading the Fundraising load.
  • Spreading the basic message.
  • Training to succeed in your organisation.
  • Filling the (organisational) memory bank.
  • Enjoying a friend-raising experience.
  • Start Spreading the Good News.
  • Volunteering can be a virtual necessity.
  • Finding the expanded funding options.
  • Making the case for support.
  • Making sure it all goes right on the night.
  • In search of a star - The Power of Celebrity.
  • Setting up membership schemes.
  • Managing the Risk in your organisation.
  • Adding value to your special events.
  • Placing it on the Record.
  • Becoming an opinion leader.

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