Finding the Simple Secrets of Successful Community Groups Volume 2

Finding the Simple Secrets of Successful Community Groups Volume 2

ISBN: 1876976209

Total pages: 83


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Looking for more simple secrets to make your community organisation more effective and efficient? This book contains well over 400 additional tips and handy hints to assist community groups in the 21st century. The common-sense tips are contained in 50 practical columns written by Dr Rhonda Galbally AO, and cover topics such as keeping the volunteer army happy, finding the perfect venue for your event, communicating a clear message, going in search of in-kind support for your group and much more.

What's inside?

  • Turning an annual report into a year-round marketing tool
  • Fundraising traps - and how to avoid them
  • The art of delegation - how to share the workload
  • Having the numbers at your fingertips - the first steps for a new treasurer
  • Undertaking a mid-year review
  • Keeping young at heart - tips on involving youth
  • Going in search of in-kind support for your group
  • Putting a dollar value on the work of volunteers
  • Going, Going, Gone! Maximising your auction night
  • A plan to grow by - Looking into your organisation's future
  • Listening and acting when the community speaks
  • Using word of mouth to make the big sell
  • Deciding whether to take the money or run - ethical fundraising
  • Cooperation and collaboration on community projects
  • Mobilising the community into action
  • Creating an online drawcard for your cause
  • Evaluating your success
  • The gentle art of negotiation
  • Finding the right words - tips to successful public speaking
  • Lifting the barriers to participation
  • Keeping the volunteer army happy
  • Calculating the hidden costs of special events
  • Taking the time to improve your funding application
  • Taking a business outlook at your activities
  • Becoming an agent of change in your community
  • Working out if you are getting the runs on the board
  • Finding a click way to raise money online
  • Selling the community vision
  • Keeping your group safe and sound
  • Finding the perfect partner
  • Customer service for community groups
  • Showing your creative side
  • Providing positive feedback
  • Setting and scoring goals in your organisation
  • Budgeting on a special event
  • Teaching new board members old tricks
  • The responsibilities of the board
  • Location, location, location - finding the perfect venue for your event
  • Building an effective media team
  • Communicating a clear message
  • When first impressions count
  • Increasing your network of influence
  • Asking people to leave a lasting legacy
  • A dollar saved is a dollar made for your group
  • Finding the next leader of the band
  • Building your people power
  • Planning for a successful leap into the New Year
  • Winning the race against time
  • How good financial reports can lead to greater financial understanding
  • Plan to turn fundraising words into action

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