Finishing up your crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding isn’t over until you’ve delivered the rewards to your supporters and updated them – again – on the progress of your project. Meanwhile, your relationship with your strongest backers just keeps on building.

Deliver the rewards

  • Do everything you can to deliver the rewards you have promised, and deliver them on time. People have been good enough to support you, so make sure you come through with the goods. Otherwise, you’ll damage relationships.
  • If something unexpected happens and you’re unable to deliver rewards on time or as promised, be open and make sure you communicate this to your supporters. They will understand. What they won’t understand or tolerate is if you just shut down shop.

Stay connected

  • Your crowdfunding service will provide you with your supporters’ contact details. Use these to keep your supporters engaged beyond your crowdfunding campaign. Send them updates on your project and keep your community strong.
  • Identify potential ongoing financial supporters among your project supporters. They have already demonstrated their support , so there’s every chance they’ll give more if you can build on their existing connection to your project and your organisation.

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