Good reasons for people to crowdfund

There are many ways people can get involved in fundraising efforts, which your organisation can draw on when recruiting crowdfunders.

Fun runs/ride/swim

Fun runs, swims, bike rides – or if you’re brave enough, a triathlon - are one of the most common reasons to fundraise for a charity. Typically, these sorts of events require some training, and there’s a clear date and distance to work towards which makes it easy to build fundraising around.

Personal challenges

Shave your head, climb a mountain, give up alcohol – no matter what you choose, a personal challenge is a great way to fundraise for a cause you care about. The key to a personal challenge is to make it relevant to your goals and choose something that will really push you. That way, people can get behind your challenge and will want to support your efforts.


Instead of accepting gifts that may or may not be useful to you, ask your friends and family to donate to a cause you care about. After all, the best gift is the gift of giving!


Much like birthdays, people are likely to want to give you a present on your wedding day. Instead of creating a gift registry of different items, you can recommend two or three charities you’d like your guests to donate to.

Religious occasions

Often, religious occasions revolve around ideas of community and giving, which provide a good opportunity to highlight a cause that is representative of the religious community you’re a part of, and rally support for a charity doing relevant work.

In honour of a loved one

When someone we care for passes, it can be a thoughtful act to leave a lasting memory of them. By finding a cause or charity the person advocated for or were affected by throughout their life, you can give loved ones an opportunity to mark the memory of their loved one’s life.

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