Ethical Fundraising Policy

The Ethical Fundraising Policy is a free resource to help your organisation create rules to regulate how you raise money and how you manage it once you have it. This tool comes from the Institute of Community Directors Australia Policy Bank.

Important notes

  1. You can't (or shouldn't) rely on this sample policy alone. It is designed as a starting point only - you will have to do the work yourself to adapt it to your own organisation's needs and structures.
  2. This policy contains both policies and procedures (the policies provide guidance on standards for the organisation, while procedures provide instructions on how these standards are to be implemented). We recommend that policies be adopted at a board level, while procedures be developed and signed off by the organisation's head staff member (e.g. the CEO).
  3. In this policy we use the term 'Board' to cover Boards, Committees of Management, and whatever name you have for the body that has final authority in your organisation. Similarly, we use the term 'CEO' for Executive Directors, CEOs, and whoever runs your administration.

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