Events budget template

The Events Budget Tool will assist you to start building your own events budget. You will need to alter and add to this sample budget to suit your own needs.


  • Don't leave blanks; your best guess is better than a refusal to estimate.
  • Include all income and expenditure items in the table. Review your list regularly to ensure you haven’t left anything out.
  • It can be a good idea to set up sub-budgets for each heading and take their totals into the summary budget.
  • Circulate the budget to the people responsible for the parts of the whole (e.g. the person in charge of promotions; the person in charge of the rides) so they can (a) understand the big picture and (b) feed in any items you’ve overlooked.
  • Run an eye over the budget every week, and at every point where a cost or item of income is finalised, to try to ensure you know whether you’re on track or heading into trouble.

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