Sample Sponsorship Letter (2)

Keep your sponsorship letters short. Concentrate on the exposure the company will receive for their money, not on how the money will help you (with large corporations, it's especially true that their marketing budgets are usually much larger than their charitable donations budget).

To be sure, every now and again you may come across a company that isn't really interested in the publicity but just wants want to sponsor your group because it truly believes in your organisation's mission, but it's very rare (and appreciated much more when it happens).

OUR TIP: People want a letter that's written to them and to them alone, and as far as possible that's what you have to give them. The letter below is an example, not a template. You can't just copy it - you must recreate it.

Sample Sponsorship Letter

Khayla Perkins
Marketing Manager
Capeseed Foods
333 Bridge Rd

Dear Ms Perkins,

As you suggested in our discussion last week I’ve drawn up a proposal for Capeseed to take a major sponsorship of the 2019 Cape Lighthouse Regatta.

As you can see:

  • The Regatta is the major regional function, with high penetration in the region
  • The Regatta pulls in a large amount of media coverage (see attachments)
  • Capeseed’s role will be acknowledged in all comments to the media
  • Capeseed will be recognised in programs and on-course signage
  • Capeseed may use the Regatta’s name in national advertising

I’d suggest that Capeseed contribute $45,000 , which would give your company naming rights to the crew dinner and six spectator places on the judges’ boat for each of the three days, along with the benefits outlined above. If you’re interested in upgrading, I have attached a chart of sponsorship benefits at each level.

Full details are attached.

I hope we can work profitably together, and that the Regatta, the Cape, and the company can all have an enjoyable 2019.

Yours sincerely,

Maeve Dunning
Partnerships Coordinator
Cape Lighthouse Regatta

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